Sociabilities, edition, education: The Brazilian Literature Yearbook as an education project (1937-1944)

2017-12-20T02:58:47Z (GMT) by Luciano Mendes de Faria Filho

ABSTRACT This article aims to analyze the periodic Annuário Brasileiro de Literatura (Brazilian Literature Yearbook, ABL), published between 1937 and 1944, as a place of sociability and as an education organ of Brazilian intellectuality. ABL became in the period, one of the most important and influent Brazilian periodic publications. In the text, we intend to demonstrate that it was part of an investment for the construction of national unity, of an exchange among several intellectual agents (writers, editors, journalists, etc.) and an effort to put Brazil in a group of civilized nations. The periodic proposed the conciliation of intellectuality in favor of national unity, while at the same time reaffirming that such unity could not do away with the richness of our historical, cultural and geographic diversity. Finally, we pointed that the ABL aimed to educate and mobilize the intellectuals; however, they did not stop themselves from looking at school education as a condition, or an obstacle to the amplification of the editorial market - and, therefore, of the clarification of the Brazilian population.