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Snapshot of SensiPath v2.1.1 detectable compounds list

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posted on 31.03.2016, 13:37 by Baudoin Delépine
This dataset is the list of detectable compounds (mostly effectors of allosteric bacterial transcription factors) used for SensiPath v2.1.1 (March 2016). 

It is essentially a binding between PubChem CID and identifiers from several transcription regulation databases. (There is no reference to the detection method/entity in this dataset.)

Warning: PubChem CID were manually attributed to fit SensiPath's specific needs. There is no guarantees whatsoever that the binding is correct for your needs.

File format description.

Fields are separated by tabulations:
  • PubChem CID,
  • Reference database,
  • Compound identifier from reference database (or at least a queryable string),
  • Compound name from reference database.

Reference database versions.
  • RegTransBase (v7)
  • RegPrecise (v4)
  • RegulonDB (v90)
  • BioNemo (v6.0)


Université Paris Saclay