Snapshot of SensiPath v2.1.1 detectable compounds list

2016-03-31T13:37:36Z (GMT) by Baudoin Delépine
This dataset is the list of detectable compounds (mostly effectors of allosteric bacterial transcription factors) used <b>for</b> SensiPath v2.1.1 (March 2016).  <br><br>It is essentially a binding between PubChem CID and identifiers from several transcription regulation databases. (There is no reference to the detection method/entity in this dataset.)<br><br>Warning: PubChem CID were manually attributed to fit SensiPath's specific needs. <b>There is no guarantees whatsoever that the binding is correct for your needs.</b><br><br><b>File format description.</b><br> <br>Fields are separated by tabulations:<br><ul><li>PubChem CID,</li><li>Reference database,</li><li>Compound identifier from reference database (or at least a queryable string),</li><li>Compound name from reference database.</li></ul><br><b>Reference database versions.</b><br><ul><li>RegTransBase (v7)</li><li>RegPrecise (v4)</li><li>RegulonDB (v90)</li><li>BioNemo (v6.0)</li></ul>