Slides from "Building Your Online Reputation" webinar, sponsored by OAA and Altmetric [June 28, 2016]

2016-06-28T16:59:14Z (GMT) by Stacy Konkiel
<p><i>Slides from a webinar presented 28th June 2016. Hosted by Open Access Academy and<br></i></p><p><i><br></i></p><p><i>From the talk abstract:</i> Promoting yourself online can be hard, especially for academics. It’s a delicate matter that’s usually not taught in schools or discussed among peers. Is it appropriate to email your colleagues to share your recently published article? Will writing a blog actually help you get readers, find collaborators, and impress funders and hiring committees, or are they just a waste of time? And--most importantly--why do “open” research practices (open access publishing, data sharing, open lab notebooks, and so on) give one’s reputation such a boost on the Web? </p><br>In this one-hour webinar, research outreach expert Stacy Konkiel shared must-know reputation building strategies that save time and can allow you to make genuine connections with other researchers and community members. <br>