Skull-stripped MRI GBM Datasets (and Segmentations)

Skull-stripped MRI GBM Datasets. Please use the following citations if you use them in your work:

L. Lindner, D. Wild, M. Weber, M. Kolodziej, G. von Campe, J. Egger. Skull-stripped MRI GBM Datasets. Figshare, 2018.

J. Egger, et al. GBM Volumetry using the 3D Slicer Medical Image Computing Platform. Sci Rep., 3:1364, 2013.

Further Information:

Ten Contrast-enhanced T1-Weighted MRI Datasets from Patients with pathologically confirmed Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) and Manual Expert Segmentations from Neurosurgeons.

All Datasets are skull-stripped and reformatted to have 260 slices in axial direction. Datasets with a sagittal or coronal scanning direction have been reformatted to an axial direction.

Note: Only the enhancing tumor and the necrotic core were segmented, since these are currently the areas of main interest in clinical practice. Other regions, such as a surrounding edema, are typically not delineated in clinical routine, since these annotations do often not accurately reflect the true state.