Skewed temperature dependence affects range and abundance in a warming world (Code)

These codes were produced by Amy Hurford ( and Christina Cobbold.<br><br>Below is a list of all the figures in the manuscript paired with the code that produces them. These codes run on MATLAB. Import sections of code are repeated across files with small changes.<br>.<br>Figure 1 - Figure1_Defins.m (dependency on subtightplot.m)<br>Figure 2 - Figure2_Niches.m<br>Figure 3 - Figure3_DensitySkewness.m (dependency on subtightplot.m)<br>Figure 4 - Figure4_MainResults.m (dependency on EffectOf.m)<br>Figure S1 - FigureS1_RangeEffect.m<br>Figure S2 - FigureS2_ExtinctionDebt.m<br>Figure S3 - FigureS3_Dispersal.m(dependency on EffectOfD.m)<br>Figure S4 and S5 - Figure4_MainResults.m (dependency on EffectOf.m)<br>Figure S6 - FigureS6_CCEliminatesCycles.m<br>——————————<br>EffectOf.m - performs the calculations for Figure4_MainResults.m<br>EffectOfD.m - performs the calculations for FigureS4_Dispersal.m<br>subtightplot.m - controls the spacing of subpanels in plots.