Size Reduced Iron Nitroprusside Particles: an Electrochemical Mediator for the Quantification of Peroxodisulfate and Nitrite

Iron nitroprusside (FeNP) particles have been synthesized from drop by drop (n-FeNP) and bulk mixing (BM) (b-FeNP) methods. FeNP particles obtained from both methods were characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). n-FeNP particles were used in constructing modified carbon paste electrode (CPE), which has been further used for electrochemical studies. The effect of pH and electrolyte cation on the electrochemical behavior of n-FeNP modified CPE has been studied in detail. Oxidation of nitrite and reduction of peroxodisulfate reactions have been electrocatalyzed at two redox centers of n-FeNP modified CPE. Based on the electrochemical experiments conducted and Tafel plots, mechanism for both the reactions has been proposed. Both the analytes were estimated in soil and ground water samples using n-FeNP modified CPE and the results were validated with the help of standard methods.