Single carbon metabolite levels differ between C57BL/6<sup><i>Mthfr</i>-/-</sup> and C57BL/6 mice.

<p>(A) Single Carbon metabolism pathway. C57BL/6<sup>M<i>thfr</i>-/-</sup> mice demonstrate altered levels of single carbon metabolites (homocysteine, HCYS; cystathionine, CYSTAT; dimethylglycine, DMG; methylglycine, MG; methionine, METH; cysteine, CYS; glycine, GLY; alpha aminobutyrate, ABUT; serine, SER) in (B) serum and (C) whole lung tissue compared to C57BL/6 mice (C57BL/6 black bars; C57Bl/6<sup><i>Mthfr</i>-/-</sup> white bars, * p-value <0.05, *** p-value <0.001).</p>