Simultaneous display of QTL and gene-expression data

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Taken from "Expressionview: visualization of quantitative trait loci and gene-expression data in Ensembl"

Genome Biology 2003;4(11):R77-R77.

Published online 10 Oct 2003


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The figure presents virtual QTLs in mice together with differential gene-expression data. QTLs are represented as vertical bars beside the chromosome and the colors stand for different characteristics (traits) of the disease (here only one trait is shown, represented by red bars). Upregulated genes are represented as red arrows, downregulated as green arrows and invariant as blue arrows. Genes too close to be separated in the figure are represented with a black arrow annotated with the number of genes it represents (for example, two genes on chromosome 19). These genes can be comfortably displayed in a pop-up window.



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