Simulation code for "ECCO: An error correcting comparator theory"

2018-03-03T01:58:23Z (GMT) by Stefano Ghirlanda
This is simulation code to reproduce the results in:

Ghirlanda, S. ECCO: An error correcting comparator theory. In press in
Behavioral Processes (publication expected in 2018)


- vux: Octave files for the ECCO model
- vhw: Octave files for the Van Hamme and Wasserman model
- csv and mat files: results from some lengthy simulations (for the
reader's convenience)
- fig: directory where figures are saved. Note that more figures are
created that appear in the paper

The code is tested with Octave 4.2.1 and is expected to be compatible
with MATLAB with no or minor modifications. However, I do not have a
copy of MATLAB for testing.

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