Similar silent copies are detected in separate experiments over time

<p><b>Copyright information:</b></p><p>Taken from "A real-time semi-quantitative RT–PCR assay demonstrates that the sequence dictates the frequency and characteristics of pilin antigenic variation in "</p><p>Nucleic Acids Research 2005;33(10):3363-3371.</p><p>Published online 9 Jun 2005</p><p>PMCID:PMC1148172.</p><p>© The Author 2005. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved</p> Detection of newly recombined silent pilin copies using the SQ-PCR Av assay for strain FA1090 1-81-S2 with as the parental sequence grown for 22 (–), 26 (C and D) and 30 (D) h on solid media in the presence of IPTG in four separate experiments. The parental copy, , was retained in ∼95% (A and B) and 94% (C and D) of the cDNA templates. The graphs represent 5–6% of the transcripts that have changed from parental. The legend depicts the silent HV sequences detected in .