Shotton CitationIDs PIDapalooza 24-01-18 QUALIFIED.pptx

2018-01-29T12:29:49Z (GMT) by David Shotton
<div>Citation relationships are normally treated simply as the links between citing and cited entities. In this presentation, given at PIDapalooza2018 in Gerona, Spain on 24 January 2018, I give an alternative richer view, which is to regard citations as data entities in their own right. This permits us to endow the citations with PROPERTIES</div><div> has start date</div><div> has duration</div><div> has type</div><div> has persistent identifier</div><div> etc.</div><div>I propose and describe the Open Citation Identifier (OCI), a new PID for citations, and a new resolution service for OCIs created by OpenCitations.</div>