Shear strength of steel fiber reinforced concrete beams without transversal reinforcement

<p></p><p>Abstract During the last few years, researchers have demonstrated steel fiber reinforced concrete as a promising composite. This composite can replace part of the conventional reinforcement such as like stirrups in beams once the steel fiber increases the shear strength and stiffness, reducing the possibility of sudden rupture. An experimental study was conducted to evaluate the influence of the addition of steel fiber in the nominal shear strength and failure mode of reinforced concrete beams without transverse reinforcement to the variation of longitudinal reinforcement ratio, steel fiber content and concrete compressive strength. A total of twelve beams were tested using a four point bending test. The experimental results indicated that the use of hooked steel fiber increase the shear strength of beams and alter the pattern of cracks with the formation of at least two diagonal cracks and a greater number of bending cracks providing a warning of the impending beam failure.</p><p></p>