Sequence logos of the 12 nucleotide donor context (3 nucleotides upstream to 6 nucleotides downstream of the GYN)

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Taken from "Phylogenetically widespread alternative splicing at unusual GYNGYN donors"

Genome Biology 2006;7(7):R65-R65.

Published online 25 Jul 2006


Donors without a GYNGYN motif; and the logo of the 12 nucleotide context (3 nucleotides upstream to 3 nucleotides downstream of the GYNGYN pattern) for GTNGTN, GTNGCN and GCNGTN donors classified into confirmed; unconfirmed with annotated i donor; unconfirmed with annotated e donor. Note that unconfirmed GTNGCNs with annotated e donor comprise only ten cases and unconfirmed GCNGTNs with annotated i donor only six cases. Sequence logos were generated with WebLogo [69].