Sequence Discrete Population analysis of Ramlibacter sp. MAG

2018-12-17T15:00:53Z (GMT) by Ruben Props
<div>We evaluated whether the Ramlibacter sp. MAG in our data set was present in other published freshwater data sets. We blasted multiple external freshwater metagenomic data sets (1M reads) to the Ramlibacter MAG contigs and visualized the %identity to the region they were locally aligned. Homogenous distributions across the contigs at high %identity indicate the presence of a closely-related population in this data set.</div><div>(datasets previously used in Neuenschwander SM, Ghai R, Pernthaler J, Salcher MM. 2017. Microdiversification in genome-streamlined ubiquitous freshwater Actinobacteria. The Isme Journal 12:185)<br></div>