Self-Induced Gate Dielectric for Graphene Field-Effect Transistor

We report the electronic characteristics of an avant-garde graphene-field-effect transistor (G-FETs) based on ZnO microwire as top-gate electrode with self-induced dielectric layer. Surface-adsorbed oxygen is wrapped up the ZnO microwire to provide high electrostatic gate-channel capacitance. This nonconventional device structure yields an on-current of 175 μA, on/off current ratio of 55, and a device mobility exceeding 1630 cm2/(V s) for holes and 1240 cm2/(V s) for electrons at room temperature. Self-induced gate dielectric process prevents G-FETs from impurity doping and defect formation in graphene lattice and facilitates the lithographic process. Performance degradation of G-FETs can be overcome by this avant-garde device structure.