Sediment oxygen uptake and DIC and Ca2+ release materials and methods.; Table S1; Table S2.; Figure S1; Figure S2 from Extreme diel dissolved oxygen and carbon cycles in shallow vegetated lakes

Supplementary materials and methods.; Maximum differences between surface and bottom water temperature (°C) during night and day in Lake 1 in May and August. Negative values denote that surface water is colder than bottom water.;Mean values ± 95 % C.I. (n = 5) of sediment oxygen uptake and release of DIC and Ca2-. Concentrations were measured four times per sediment core after 0, 24, 41 and 81 hours incubation. Units: mmol m-2 d-1;ANC in lake water (Lake 1-4) as a function of specific conductivity;Surface water temperature (full line) and air temperature (dashed line) in Lake 1 during periods of 5 days in May 2014 and August 2013