Section S1; Section S2; Section S3; Section S4; Section S5; Figure S6; Section S7; Section S8; Section S9; Table S10; Table S11; Section S12 from Space partitioning in wild, non-territorial mountain gorillas: the impact of food and neighbours

Justification of the 500 x 500 m grid cell method; Herbaceous food availability per grid cell; Utilization of an area; Unhabituated groups; Determination of the date at which sufficient data on previous use were available; Graphical representation of a group's decision regarding which of the surrounding grid cells to choose; Statistical analysis; Sensitivity analyses to test the robustness of the chosen bandwidth <i>h</i>; Proportions of dyadic annual home range and core area overlap; Random effects for the permutation test and the mixed model results; Mean and standard deviation of the original values of the predictor variables; References for Supplementary Material