Sea surface temperature during La Nina (October 1998)

2015-08-27T11:47:33Z (GMT) by Christopher J Merchant

Sea surface temperature (SST) distribution, 15 October 1998. Globally complete analysis of SST, synthesized from infra-red observations made by meteorological and research satellites. The analysis is a 0.05 deg resolution in latitude and longitude, and is daily. 

For more information on the data, consult:

Merchant, C. J., Embury, O., Roberts-Jones, J., Fiedler, E., Bulgin, C. E., Corlett, G. K., Good, S., McLaren, A., Rayner, N., Morak-Bozzo, S. and Donlon, C. (2014) Sea surface temperature datasets for climate applications from Phase 1 of the European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative (SST CCI). Geoscience Data Journal, 1 (2). pp. 179-191. ISSN 2049-6060 doi: 10.1002/gdj3.20

The gap-filled analysis data set shown is publically available:

The analysis blends data from two types of satellite sensors, and these datasets are also available:

Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometers:

Along-Track Scanning Radiometers: