Screening, Isolation and the Utilization of Plant-Based Natural Coagulants for Water Purification and Microalgae Harvesting

2017-05-08T00:30:08Z (GMT) by SOOK YAN CHOY
Colloidal particles like clay and microalgae are small in size and negatively charged which hindered gravitational settling. Hence, complete separation from supernatants can be challenging. Of the available technologies, coagulation-flocculation provides a rather straightforward method. Although the performance of chemical chemicals is warranted, the associated environmental and health concerns are worrisome. Plant-based natural coagulants are more sustainable alternatives as modified starches and various parts of fruits have been found to yield positive coagulating properties. This research work is dedicated to evaluate the prospect of utilizing fruit wastes and conventional starches as potential sources of natural coagulants/flocculants.