Scores TISS-28 versus NEMS to size the nursing team in a pediatric intensive care unit

<div><p>ABSTRACT Objective: To estimate the workload and size the nursing team using the scales TISS-28 and NEMS in a pediatric intensive care unit. Methods: An observational prospective study with a quantitative approach was conducted at the pediatric intensive care unit of a university hospital from Jan 1st, 2009 to Dec 31st, 2009. All children who remained hospitalized for more than 8 hours were included, with length of stay of 4 hours in case of death. Clinical data were collected and the Paediatric Index of Mortality 2 and the scores TISS-28 and NEMS were determined. The TISS-28 and NEMS were converted into working hours of the nursing team and sizing complied with the parameters of the Brazilian Federal Nursing Council. Pearson's correlation and the Bland-Altman model were used to verify the association and agreement between the instruments. Results: A total of 459 children were included, totaling 3,409 observations. The average values for the TISS-28 and NEMS were 20.8±8 and 25.2±8.7 points, respectively. The nursing workload was 11 hours by TISS-28 and 13.3 hours by NEMS. The estimated number of professionals by TISS-28 and NEMS was 29.6 and 35.8 professionals, respectively. The TISS-28 and NEMS showed adequate correlation and agreement. Conclusion: Time spent in nursing activities and team sizing reflected by the NEMS were significantly greater when compared to the TISS-28.</p></div>