Scientometric Analysis of Research Performance of African Countries in selected subjects within the field of Science and Technology

2018-02-03T10:03:51Z (GMT) by Yusuff Utieyineshola

This paper assessed the performance of African countries in the selected field of Science and Technology (S&T) over the last twenty years. The purpose was to determine the readiness of these countries in aligning to the strategic direction set by the African Union (AU 2063) Agenda. The AU 2063 aims to emplace a paradigm shift from the current structure where its members’ dependents on natural resources to drive their economies to one that is knowledge-based. It thus set pillars for archiving this feat and they include; building and/or upgrading research infra-structures; enhancing professional and technical competencies; promoting entrepreneurship and innovation; and providing an enabling environment for STI development in the African continent. Data used for the study were retrieved from the SCImago database which comprises a total of Seven (7) subject areas cutting across one hundred and twenty-six (126) subject categories. In SCImago database, information was also searched on S&T performances with respect to publications in the World and Africa, over the last 20 years period starting from 1996-2015. Microsoft Excel was used to analyse the data collected. Results were presented in tables and figure of the top 10 most productive African countries in the field of S&T in all the seven selected subject areas. The paper suggested an intra-African collaborative effort between low and high performing countries in Africa as an option for developing the needed knowledge capacities for realising its regional developmental Agenda (AU 2063).