Scientific Data Quality - Information Quality Cluster - ESIP Summer 2017

Presentations from the breakout session of the Information Quality Cluster on Scientific Data Quality. This session followed a plenary session on Scientific Quality, with a special focus on data uncertainty. The purpose of this breakout session was to continue discussion initiated during the plenary session inspired by the invited panelists’ presentations from that session. It allowed for a more collaborative interchange of technical information intended to help advance the Scientific Quality of Earth science data and to discuss effective ways to communicate uncertainty to a broader community. This session featured an additional invited speaker who joined the plenary speakers to facilitate discussion. The panelists’ diverse perspectives and subject matter expertise enabled exchange of ideas and deeper technical discussion with the session attendees.

This session provided for discussion with the panelists and other practitioners in scientific data generation, scientific quality assessment, and management. The discussion helped to identify issues pertaining to understanding, capturing and conveying uncertainty and to recommend actions that the Earth science data community can readily act upon to ensure and improve the overall scientific quality of their datasets.