Science Gateways Community Institute Incubator Pitch Deck: Success Stories from the 2nd Bootcamp

The Science Gateway Bootcamp is designed to help teams in any stage for their gateway project - from planning to developing to maintaining their gateway - to learn core business strategy skills, technology best practices, and long-term sustainability strategies. The interactive sessions are planned to get an overview on basic strategies and develop for each project viable means and goals to achieve sustainability. At the end of each Bootcamp, attendees walk away with a pitch deck with their core ideas and business plan and they will have set goals for the next three to six months. We followed up with our second Bootcamp cohort and we share three success stories in this paper: the Data Management Training (DMT) Clearinghouse project, the Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment gateway (CERA) and the Virtual Infrastructure for Data Intensive Analysis (VIDIA) gateway.