School leaders’ beliefs: implications in the educational leadership

<p></p><p>Abstract The aim of this article is to reveal the beliefs that leaders have on the instructional design, learning and assessment process, according to the pedagogical approach by transmission or construction. The work subscribes to the educational research. There, participated 10 principals who lead schools in primary and secondary education, in Araucania region, Chile. To collect the information, a questionnaire Likert scale is applied and is done in a group discussion among participants. The quantitative results show that hybrid beliefs coexist in the principal thinking from pedagogical approaches b transmission and construction. However, when analyzing the discursive content, transmission beliefs emerge. In conclusion, prevailing the principal beliefs with a pedagogical approach underlying transmission decisions of these leaders. Arises the need of management training focused on pedagogical leadership that stresses and rebuild the beliefs of school principals.</p><p></p>