Scholarly Communication is People: Three crazy ideas for LIS to "own" open access

2014-12-18T03:46:01Z (GMT) by Micah Vandegrift

This is the text and slides from a presentation given at the ACRL-NY 2014 Symposium on Open Access and the Academic Librarian. 

The info-scape around open access has evolved to include a broad range of ideas, skills and research practices. The academic librarian’s role is growing beyond being purely informational, and must include advocacy and participation in changing the system. In this talk, I propose that 1) the crux of scholarly communication is creating peer-partnerships with researchers and scholars, and that in order for the system to evolve, 2) all libraries need a scholarly communication initiative, and 3) all librarians should be invested in this challenging work. I close by offering three ideas for academic librarians to produce change within our own research practices.