Schizanthines N, O, and P, Tropane Alkaloids from the Aerial Parts of Schizanthus tricolor

Three tropane alkaloids, named schizanthines N, O, and P (13), have been isolated from the crude alkaloid extract of the endemic Chilean plant Schizanthus tricolor. On the basis of extensive NMR studies and MS fragmentation analysis, their structures were determined to be 3α-(E)-4-hydroxysenecioyloxy-6β-angeloyloxytropane (1), 3α-(E)-4-hydroxysenecioyloxy-6β-senecioyloxytropane (2), and 3α-mesaconyloxy-6β-senecioyloxytropane (3). Compounds 1 and 2 are the first isomeric alkaloids in the tropane series possessing a hydroxysenecioyl substituent as an esterifying moiety.