Schaefer-Bergmann Diffraction, acousto-optic, 1999

2012-01-10T21:12:54Z (GMT) by Steven J. koch
This is a picture of the diffraction patter of a He-Ne laser after traveling through an acousto-optic deflector (AOD) made from TeO2 crystal. The AOD was designed for 1064 nm wavelength laser, so the He-Ne was not the appropriate wavelength, but I think these similar patterns were visible with the IR laser (1064 nm), though to a lesser extent. I used the He-Ne to make it visible with naked eye. At the time in 1999, I did not have a digital camera, so this picture is a digitized image from an analog video camera. That's why it's crappy. I didn't crop it so that the electrical outlet is visible to lend some scale. See also: stub article on wikipedia: original photo upload on wikimedia commons:
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