Saurolophus Dinosaur, Color Surface Mesh of Skull

2013-05-06T21:09:03Z (GMT) by Joseph Peterson


Description: This dataset includes a 3D surface mesh (with color) for the skull of Saurolophus, a hadrosaurid dinosaur.

Taxon: Saurolophus sp. (Hadrosauridae: Ornithischia: Dinosauria).

Specimen: Private collection. Original collection data not known.

File Information: The original point cloud was reconstructed using photogrammetry, on May 6th, 2013. Photos at 3872x2592pixel resolution were acquired with a Nikon D3000 SLR digital camera. Data were processed using Agisoft PhotoScan Professional.

One batch of 37 images were processed. The compiled mesh was exported as OBJ (8.8 Mb) and PDF (6.8 Mb) file formats.

If anyone has any useful information regarding this specimen, please contact Joseph Peterson (



CC BY 4.0