Saurolophus Dinosaur, Color Surface Mesh of Skull

2013-05-06T21:09:03Z (GMT) by Joseph Peterson
<p>Description</p> <p>Description: This dataset includes a 3D surface mesh (with color) for the skull of Saurolophus, a hadrosaurid dinosaur.</p> <p>Taxon: Saurolophus sp. (Hadrosauridae: Ornithischia: Dinosauria).</p> <p>Specimen: Private collection. Original collection data not known.</p> <p>File Information: The original point cloud was reconstructed using photogrammetry, on May 6th, 2013. Photos at 3872x2592pixel resolution were acquired with a Nikon D3000 SLR digital camera. Data were processed using Agisoft PhotoScan Professional.</p> <p>One batch of 37 images were processed. The compiled mesh was exported as OBJ (8.8 Mb) and PDF (6.8 Mb) file formats.</p> <p>If anyone has any useful information regarding this specimen, please contact Joseph Peterson (</p>



CC BY 4.0