Safety criteria to start early mobilization in intensive care units. Systematic review

<p></p><p>ABSTRACT Mobilization of critically ill patients admitted to intensive care units should be performed based on safety criteria. The aim of the present review was to establish which safety criteria are most often used to start early mobilization for patients under mechanical ventilation admitted to intensive care units. Articles were searched in the PubMed, PEDro, LILACS, Cochrane and CINAHL databases; randomized and quasi-randomized clinical trials, cohort studies, comparative studies with or without simultaneous controls, case series with 10 or more consecutive cases and descriptive studies were included. The same was performed regarding prospective, retrospective or cross-sectional studies where safety criteria to start early mobilization should be described in the Methods section. Two reviewers independently selected potentially eligible studies according to the established inclusion criteria, extracted data and assessed the studies' methodological quality. Narrative description was employed in data analysis to summarize the characteristics and results of the included studies; safety criteria were categorized as follows: cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, orthopedic and other. A total of 37 articles were considered eligible. Cardiovascular safety criteria exhibited the largest number of variables. However, respiratory safety criteria exhibited higher concordance among studies. There was greater divergence among the authors regarding neurological criteria. There is a need to reinforce the recognition of the safety criteria used to start early mobilization for critically ill patients; the parameters and variables found might contribute to inclusion into service routines so as to start, make progress and guide clinical practice.</p><p></p>