A Comparative Study on Scientometric Indicators in Papers and Patents: A Case Study on Graphene

Scientometric indicators have been used for decades to evaluate research performance and establish R&D policies in many countries. There have been reports dealing with bibliometric and patent indicators. Although some approach based on the combination of publication and patent data are reported (e.g. A.F.J. van Raan, 2017; A.F.J. van Raan and J.J.Winnink, 2018), there are not many direct comparative studies on papers and patent indicators. In this study, we intend to perform a comparative study of paper and patent indicators focusing on graphene research which has been widely studied not only in the basic science but also in industrial applications in recent 15 years. By using the ‘Insightful Integrated Indicators Metrics(i*Metrics)’ system developed by Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information(KISTI), scientometric indicators are calculated to identify research activities, impact, collaboration and technological convergence by country. The mapping and clustering based on the similarity of the computed indicators is carried out to characterize the country profiles on graphene research.