STI2018_Poster_Diversity statistics_Hebe Gunnes_ NIFU.pdf

2018-09-10T07:44:09Z (GMT) by Hebe Gunnes Ole Wiig

The poster presents main results from the diversity statistics for Norway. It also addresses some methodological issues related to the definition of diversity. The basis for the diversity statistics is laid by merging data from NIFU’s Register of Research personnel for the years 2007, 2010 and 2014 with Statistics Norway’s population statistics and employment statistics. We have a two-fold approach to the dataset: One approach was mapping international mobility among staff in research and higher education, and track those who come to Norway with a PhD, or to study for a PhD. The other approach was tracking immigrants, and descendants of immigrants, among academic staff, who have obtained their education in Norway, i.e. from primary school to tertiary education. These are two distinct populations of researchers with quite different career patterns.