Data used to asses the step selection function (SSF) of zebras using the immediate-flight tactic immediately after an encounter with lions (question 4). Column headings: id = id of zebra, FakeTime = 2-case, case = binary variable with 1 for an observed step and 0 for a random step, strata = id of the stratum where an observed step is paired with 10 random steps, TacticCont = categorical variable indicating if the step occurred after an encounter ("Tactic") or during the proactive phase ("Control"), Grassland = binary variable with 1 if the step ended in grassland and 0 if not, Bushland-1 = binary variable, Bushland-2 = binary variable, Bushland-3 = binary variable, Woodland = binary variable, Spline1-4 = spline variable for step length in m, Step Length = length of the step in m.