SNP Patterns in Ash Dieback fungus genome from UK, France and Japan samples

2013-09-09T15:22:01Z (GMT) by Dan MacLean
<p>SNPs between the TGAC KW 1.1 Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus/Chalara fraxinea assembly and samples of the same are plotted. SNPs calculated by alignment with Bowtie2/Tophat then calling with GATK.</p> <p> </p> <p>Track order - outside -> centre</p> <p>1 - black lines - scaffolds >= 10 kbp in length</p> <p>2 - blue stacks - gene models</p> <p>3 .. 8 - blue scatter = UK isolates</p> <p>3 - Ashwellthorpe Wood 1</p> <p>4 - Ashwellthorpe Wood 2</p> <p>5 - Foxley Wood</p> <p>6 - Lolly Moor</p> <p>7 - Upton Broad and Marshes</p> <p>8 - Weyland Wood</p> <p>9..10 - pink scatter = French isolates</p> <p>9 - GIRM2</p> <p>10 - LSVM2</p> <p>11..12 - green scatter = Japanese isolates</p> <p>11 - Japan 1</p> <p>12 - Japan 2</p> <p> SNP listings available at:</p>