SI2 - Lighting Slide - EVOLVE - 2018

Open MPI is an open source implementation of the MPI specification, widely used and adopted by the research community as well as industry. The Open MPI library is jointly developed and maintained by a consortium of academic institutions, national labs and industrial partners. It is installed on virtually all large-scale computer systems in the US as well as in the rest of the world. The goal of this project is to enhance and modernize the Open MPI library in the context of the ongoing evolution of modern computer systems, and to ensure its future operability on all upcoming architectures. We aim at implementing fundamental software techniques that can be used in many-core systems to execute MPI-based parallel applications more efficiently, and to tolerate process and memory failures at all scales, from current systems, up to the extreme scales expected before the end of the decade.<br><br><br>



CC BY 4.0