SI2-SSE: A Sustainable Future for the Glue Multi-Dimensional Linked Data Visualization Package

glue is an open-source python-based software package that enables scientists to explore relationships within and across related datasets. Without merging any data, glue makes it easy to make multi-dimensional linked visualizations of datasets, select subsets of data interactively or programmatically in 1, 2, or 3 dimensions, and to see those selections propagate live across all open visualizations (e.g., histograms, 2 and 3-d scatter plots, images, 3-d volume renderings, etc.). While originally designed as a desktop application, we have built a new prototype interface for glue in JupyterLab, a browser-based environment that supports multi-panel interactive visualizations alongside narrative text, code, and figures. We demonstrate the functionality of glue in the JupyterLab environment, and show how it can be a powerful multi-disciplinary tool for making discoveries across many scientific disciplines.