Rotationally-resolved Photoelectron Images from NH3

2016-11-13T22:00:01Z (GMT) by Paul Hockett
Presentation on velocity-map imaging of NH3, including rotational resolution and "complete" photoionization studies.  NRC, Ottawa, Sept. 2010.

Aspects of this work are published in:

Rotationally Resolved Photoelectron Angular Distributions from a Nonlinear Polyatomic Molecule
P. Hockett, M. Staniforth, K. L. Reid, D. Townsend
Physical Review Letters 102, 253002 (2009)

Photoionization dynamics of ammonia (B1E’’): dependence on ionizing photon energy and initial vibrational level
P. Hockett, M. Staniforth, K. L. Reid
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 114, 11330-6 (2010)

Photoelectron angular distributions from rotationally state-selected NH3 (B1E”): Dependence on ion rotational state and polarization geometry
P. Hockett, M. Staniforth, K. L. Reid
Molecular Physics 108, 1045-1054, (2010)

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