Role of plant respiratory burst oxidase homologs in stress responses

<p>Plant respiratory burst oxidase homologs (Rbohs), which are also named nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH) oxidases (NOXs), are the homologs of mammalian phagocyte gp91<sup>phox</sup>. As a unique among other reactive oxygen species (ROS) production mechanisms in plants, NADPH oxidases can integrate different signal transduction pathways, such as calcium, protein phosphorylation catalysed by protein kinases, nitric oxide, and lipid messengers. Coupling with genetic studies, the ability of plant NADPH oxidases to integrate different signal transduction pathways with ROS production demonstrates their involvement in many important biological processes in cells, such as morphogenesis and development, and stress responses. Here, we focus on several current studies concerning the role of plant NADPH oxidases in stress responses.</p>