Robotic Anterior Basilar Segmentectomy

2018-04-26T20:52:13Z (GMT) by Bernard J. Park
<p>Robotic technology is being increasingly utilized for the performance of anatomic pulmonary resection. An excellent example of the technical advantages of the robotic platform over conventional minimally invasive video-assisted thoracoscopic techniques is in the execution of more complex resections. One such type of procedure is the single anatomic segmentectomy, particularly of the basilar segments. In this video, a single anterior basilar segmentectomy of the left lower lobe is demonstrated.<br></p><p><strong>Reference</strong></p><ol><li>Pardolesi A, Park B, Petrella F, Borri A, Gasparri R, Veronesi G. Robotic anatomic segmentectomy of the lung: technical aspects and initial results. <em><a href="">Ann Thorac Surg. 2012;94(3):929-934</a></em>.</li></ol><p>Dr Park is a proctor for Intuitive Surgical.</p><br><p></p>