Rheological properties of lyotropic liquid crystals encapsulating curcumin

<p>This study constructed new curcumin-loaded lyotropic liquid crystals containing pharmaceutically accepted oil, and ethyl oleate (EtOL). Three liquid crystalline phases including lamellar, hexagonal, and cubic phases were identified by means of the polarized optical microscopy and rheology method. By analyzing the shear viscosity (η<sub>0.1</sub>), the viscosity of curcumin-liquid crystals is smaller than those without curcumin. Dynamic rheological results show that: Dissolved curcumin in EtOL can make the elastic modulus of hexagonal and cubic phase increase compared with that without curcumin, while the elastic modulus of lamellar phase decreases. Dissolved curcumin in Brij 97 can lead to the decreasing of the elastic modulus for cubic and lamellar phases, whereas it has little influence on hexagonal phase. When the curcumin is solubilized in both EtOL and Brij 97, the elastic modus of hexagonal phase increase, the elastic modus of lamellar and cubic phases decrease compared with that without curcumin. Furthermore, three temperature turning points were identified by the change in the slope of <i>tan</i>δ (<i>G″/G′</i>) for curcumin-hexagonal liquid crystal. These studies might be a help to study the storage of drug carrier and in vitro release properties of lyotropic liquid crystals containing curcumin.</p>