Revised version of File S1 from Linheiro & Bergman 2012

2014-09-15T10:01:34Z (GMT) by Casey Bergman Raquel Linheiro

A revised version of File S1 from Linheiro & Bergman 2012 that corrects the number of reads supporting each target site duplication.

The originally reported data file provided incorrect read support counts based only on the first strain in which the TE insertion was identified, rather than the total number of read counts from all strains merged across the entire dataset.

For 461 TE insertions that are present in more than one strain identified using 454 sequencing, the corrected number of reads supporting the TE insertion is higher than originally reported.

The location, strand and TE family for 3,379 out of 3,386 TE insertion sites identified using 454 sequencing in Linheiro & Bergman 2012 is unchanged. For 7 out of the 3,386 TE insertions identified using 454 sequencing, properly merging reads across strains led to differences in location, strand or TE family predicted.

None of the main conclusions of Linheiro & Bergman 2012 are affected by this error.