Results of Experiment 1.

<p>There was a significantly lower peak velocity (PV) (a) and smaller maximum grip aperture (MGA) (b) for pantomimed than for real grasping movements. c. MGA for real and pantomimed actions executed using normal and awkward grips reported as a function of object size, separately for magicians and controls. While for both groups MGA was larger for the large object than for the small one overall (F<sub>(1.18)</sub> = 281.60, p = 0.0001), MGA did not significantly differ between real and pantomimed actions for the magicians. d. Grip overshoot for real and pantomimed actions executed with normal and awkward grips for the two groups. While grip overshoot was significantly different for real and pantomimed actions (regardless of grip type) in controls, it failed to reach significance in magicians, who overshoot similarly for both actions. Asterisks highlight significant differences.</p>




CC BY 4.0