Results of ANCOVA analysis and pairwise comparison from The influence of aspect ratio and stroke pattern on force generation of a bat-inspired membrane wing

Table A: MATLAB's Statistical Toolbox was used to perform an ANCOVA analysis was used to calculate linear regression fits for the dependency of the coefficient of lift and coefficient of drag on velocity ratio (figure 8). This table summarises the results of testing for the similarity of the linear regressions that fit the individual data sets of the five different models to a linear regression that would fit the data of all models combined. Presented are the deviation of the slopes of the individual fits from the slope of the regression that would fit all data. P-values of p~\textgreater~0.05 indicate that the slope of the individual set is not different from the slope of the regression of all data with a probability of 95%. Table B: P-values (rounded to two decimal places) of the pairwise comparisons of the slopes of the regression lines among the five models. The slopes of the regression lines were tested separately for coefficient of lift and drag of downstoke and upstroke, respectively.