Representing Arts Scholarship at Duke: Design, Development and Migration of Artistic Works Data

2016-02-06T20:23:54Z (GMT) by Julia Trimmer
Duke University recently rolled out their VIVO implementation, Scholars@Duke, to faculty in the arts and <br>humanities. At the first Steering Committee meeting, Duke’s provost stated his strong commitment to serving the needs of the arts departments. He made it clear that the system must represent arts scholarship in a way that was analogous to grants and publications. Knowing that the tools available for harvesting information for faculty profiles supported STEM fields and other disciplines that publish journal articles, the project team accepted this challenge without a clear idea of the way forward. This presentation will outline the process of analysis, design, and development of the ontology and functionality for developing Artistic Works in VIVO/Scholars@Duke. We will discuss our experiences for engaging departmental users in the development process and incorporating their feedback. We will also outline the methodologies for ingesting the artistic works data from departmental web pages. In this presentation, we’ll talk about what seemed to work well and <br>what we learned that might be applicable to other rollouts. <br>