Removable partial denture with attachment as a treatment option in patients with cleft lip and palate

ABSTRACT The rehabilitation treatment of patients with cleft lip and palate is lengthy and is carried out by various professionals from different areas of healthcare.To this end, planning and specialist knowledge are critical to the success of the treatment, in this way envisioning the aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of the individual in order to integrate them into society. This study consists of a literature review along with the report of a clinical case, demonstrating the treatment performed with the use of a removable partial denture using the abutment teeth treated with milled metal-ceramic crowns and the use of attachments, with a view to promoting the retention and stability of the prosthetic device. With the use of this system as a whole, aimed at improving the facial proportions due to the restoration of vertical dimension of occlusion and adequate lip support, features that are often not present in individuals with cleft lip and palate. In this work, we are seeking to underline the importance of scientific and technical knowledge, combined with a well-executed planning, in order to achieve successful treatment that restores function and aesthetics to the patient, thereby enabling their reintegration into society.