Religion in the United States Syllabus

2016-10-31T02:53:40Z (GMT) by John L. Crow
Religions of the United States. This course will survey the history of various religious traditions that have been practiced in North America and the Caribbean over the last five+ centuries. This course will also look at the unique issues encountered when studying the history of religion in an academic environment. The issues of definition, insider/outsider viewpoints, and colonial legacies will just be a few of the topics explored while surveying the religious practices and beliefs that can be found in North America. Because this course meets the liberal studies writing requirement, you will be assigned to write essays accumulating to at least 3000 words over the semester. These essays will help you delve deeper into the materials we cover and assist you in your writing and critical thinking skills. Lastly, while there is a course text book, it is a collection of primary materials. This book and additional primary materials will be assigned weekly. Reading Primary materials will help further develop your critical thinking skills as you will have to apply what the texts say to each day’s lesson and discussion.