Relationship between pilot duty hours and accidents

2013-06-14T03:12:20Z (GMT) by J Perezgonzalez
<p>In 2002, Goode carried out research to assess the potential effect of duty hours on human-factors-related accidents in commercial aviation. The study identified several time brackets of continuous duty time, then calculated the number of hours contemporary pilots work within those brackets (as a proxy for historical work hours) against historical accidents that occurred when pilots were on duty within similar brackets. The results showed a relationship between hours on duty and amount of accidents. Workloads of 10 hours or more made up just 10% of total duty time yet 21% of human-factors-related accidents also occurred within those brackets. In terms of relative risk, there was a 73% chance of accidents occurring when pilots had been on duty for 10 or more hours. </p>