Relationship between anterior segment and optic nerve head parameters in healthy subjects

2017-12-05T08:38:40Z (GMT) by Ali Bulent Cankaya Serdar Ozates

ABSTRACT Purpose: To determine the relationship between anterior segment and optic nerve head (ONH) parameters. Methods: Two hundred healthy subjects were enrolled in this study. The participants underwent measurement of anterior segment parameters with a Pentacam Scheimpflug system and imaging of the optic disc with confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy. Pearson’s correlation coefficient was calculated to assess the associations between ONH and anterior segment parameters. Multivariate regression analyses controlling for age and disc area as confounding factors were also conducted. Results: There were significant negative relationships between optic disc area and corneal thickness (p=0.03, r=-0.217) and volume (p=0.017, r=-0.239). Corneal refractive power was significantly correlated with cup area, rim area, rim volume, and cup/disc ratio (p<0.05 for all). An increase of 1 diopter in anterior corneal refractive power corresponded to a decrease of 0.022 in cup/disc ratio. Rim volume was negatively correlated with anterior chamber depth and anterior chamber volume (p<0.05 for both). A 1-mm3 increase in anterior chamber depth corresponded to a 0.154-mm3 decrease in rim volume. Mean and maximum cup depth measurements were not associated with any of the anterior segment parameters. Conclusions: In nonglaucomatous eyes, the dimensions and shape of the ONH may be related to anterior segment morphology. Therefore, it may be helpful to take anterior segment parameters into consideration in evaluating the OHN.