Relationship Between Meteorological Conditions and Beetles in Mata de Cocal

2017-12-01T02:51:23Z (GMT) by Marcos Paulo Gomes Gonçalves
<p></p><p>Abstract Study the meteorological factors is important to understand beetles population dynamics. So this study examined the relationship between meteorological conditions and the Coleptera population fluctuation in Mata de Cocal in Teresina-PI city from August 2011 to July 2012. Insects were collected weekly in 12 pitfall traps unattractive. It is confirmed canonical correlation between the monthly occurrence record in the families population fluctuation– Scarabaeidae, Carabidae, Tenebrionidae, Curculionidae, Bolboceratidae, Histeridae and Chrysomelidae– in the group of monthly data of insolation, pluviometric precipitation, relative humidity and temperature, with a magnitude of 0.99, chi-square equal to 66.62 with 28 degrees of freedom and p-value corresponding equal to < 0.0001. Significantly (p < 0.0001) there was positive canonical correlation between insolation data (0.81) and pluviometric precipitation (0.45), and negative for humidity (-0.75) and temperature (-0.21) in the monthly occurrence record of the group these families. In this way the population fluctuation and governed predominantly by regional variables and their presence is conditioned by meteorological parameters, principally insolation and humidity.</p><p></p>



CC BY 4.0