Reflex latency, duration and mean EMG amplitude for all muscles.

<p>Data (median ±IQ range) for reflex latency (A and D), duration (B and E) and mean amplitude (C and F) are shown for SCI (filled symbols) and control groups (open symbols). Data for each muscle in both the arm and leg on the ipsilateral (I) and contralateral (C) sides are shown in each panel for SPN (A-C) and RN (D-F) stimulation. The grey shaded box indicates the muscles with within-limb reflexes for SPN (left panels) and RN (right panels) stimulation. Arm muscles are indicated by BB–biceps brachii, TB–triceps brachii, FCR–flexor carpi radialis, and ECR–extensor carpi radialis, and leg muscles are indicated by BF–biceps femoris, QUAD–quadriceps, TA–tibialis anterior, and SOL–soleus. Interlimb reflexes termed ascending, descending and contralateral (contra) are also indicated.</p>